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Mercuri is a place for exceptional talent, exceptional people. Mercuri is a place for people “who achieve”. We want what you’ve got : Your Skills, Your Talent, Your Aspirations, Your Ideas, Your Attitude and Your Hunger to Grow. In return, We’ll give YOU the Opportunity to make a difference in your discipline, in the business and in personal lives. Join us now and take the Centre Stage.


We are always on the lookout for the bright and young and the future industry leaders by offering an immersive internship experience. With opportunities in Marketing, Business Development, Sales, Consulting, our paid internship programs enable students to interface with industry specific subject matter experts and sharpen their professional skills in an environment that celebrates creativity, diversity and experiential learning. 



With the rapid outbreak of the novel corona virus Globally, businesses across domains are facing severe challenges in order to get things back on track and we are no exception to it. Currently, the most crucial part for all of us worldwide is to focus on employees / partners well-being as well as to keep them engaged and motivated while continuing to work remotely.  There has been a dynamic shift in working patterns in India and across the Globe. The workplace, for most people if not all, has changed from Corporate Offices to their Homes. Giants in major sectors have announced “WFH” until further notice and many companies are considering moving a part of their employee base to a permanent work from home model and we shall follow in the same model too. Even with things returning to normal in some parts of the world, WFH seems to be the new norm and acknowledging that fact, we encourage our employees, contractual staff, partners and free lancers to work as per their comfort.

Our Culture

  • We build opportunities for our artists, brands and fans; it’s important for us to be reliable and efficient

  • We demonstrate honesty, excellence and commitment to success

  • ‘It’s not my job’ is not part of our vocabulary, we even stuff envelopes

  • We make mistakes, but only to learn from them to build resilience

  • We take care of ourselves and our colleagues

  • We are our own managers

  • We are committed to equality and inclusion

  • We are mindful of the strain on the Earth's resources and are committed to reversing the trend with our behaviors where possible

Full – Time

Mercuri values people for their talent, personality, competency and the ability to learn and grow. To make people show their best performance at work, we are as flexible as possible.  You get to be part of a truly Global organization that has staff from across Continents. Our community of subject-matter experts work closely to offer top-notch products and services to our customers. We believe that skills and the drive to perform and achieve are more important than tenure and that you should have a say in your own growth path. Our positive and dynamic work environment is based on transparency and an open-door policy.


What We Offer : Freelancing for Mercuri will enable you to leverage your domain knowledge and professional skills in the respective field. Our Constant efforts to be a Freelancer-friendly organization have earned us good reputation and recognition throughout. We are also one of the leading providers of location-independent work opportunities.

Payment On time, Every time. We take our payment cycle deadlines very seriously. Our in-house automated workflow management system tracks your assignments and the corresponding fees to ensure there are Zero Errors and delays in your payment. And if there are any discrepancies, we sort them on top-priority always.

Transparent Policies. Our Quality policy, standards, processes and rating systems are there for all to see. No Fine print. No IFs and BUTs. We are very forthright about our requirements and policies and if you have any queries, feel free to ask, anytime, 24X7.


As an intern, you’ll have the opportunity to create an impact for our Global and reputed customers. We will help you grow professionally, thrive in a competitive world and forge memorable connections with your coworkers.

Meaningful Work. We offer opportunities to work on projects and have fun along the way. We welcome self-starting and agile new Graduates who are passionate about reimagining the landscape and who seek to be part of a company that’s creating a new kind of a Global Community. You will have the opportunity to complete your academic coursework with hands-on experience in the Industry. You will get a chance to engage in activities that impact the business and the Organization. 

Global Exposure. You will be able to develop an in-depth understanding of business needs and nuances across cultures.


Our Contractual opportunities Guarantee you a specific work with a clearly pre-agreed compensation plan. And many of our arrangements do not set a cap on the maximum amount of work you can take on every month. Eat as you Kill is the mantra we work on. The more you do, the more you earn !

Current Openings

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