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The brand Mercuri signifies diversity in domains and  innovation in business. We are creatively and technically Brilliant. But more importantly, we are Commercially Smart. We are a Pool of Advisory focused on the Consumer impact of next generation Technology, Marketing and Services.

We deliver our Insights through Bespoke Mentoring, Consulting and  Hand-on Implementation

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Global T20 Canada

A new franchise-based cricket league conceptualized, designed, developed and managed by the Mercuri Group in association with Cricket Canada. 

6 Teams participated in the tournament which was held between June 28- July 15.

The local Canadian players got an opportunity to play with marquee players. 

It was a great start to develop Cricket in the country right from the grassroots level. 


A Priority customised IP set top box, a proprietary product / solution has been developed under NMITLI-New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative and fully funded by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. This application provides a complete "interactive" online education. The solution has been designed in such a way that the user gets the real life classroom experience.


Interactive education supported with live teacher student interaction through audio, video, text. Support for shared boards, slideshows, and video clippings for aiding the teacher to deliver the lecture. This effectively will bring a near real classroom environment. Methods of communication supported are black board with pen, audio with microphone and headphone, slideshow, live video, emoticons, and chat. It enables users to use their TV / projector as Window for information, communication and education. This solution can be used for conventional education and / or regular training as well. 

“+91 – Connecting India Worldwide”, is the Company’s Single Brand for Multi OTT Entertainment Services in majority of the territories where the company operates. The Brand embodies the company’s values and commitment to bringing the premium services through the digital universe to the large population of Indian people, creating a powerful and differentiating asset that unifies the image of the Enterprise around the world.

An Increasingly Powerful & Growing Brand

In a space of just a few years we intend to grow from a TV service brand in the North America to one of the world’s leading Services Brand across multi platforms, content aggregation and associated services for consumers and partners alike. We will continue to expand the brand’s geographic footprint to new markets such as Europe, Australia, Middle East, Caribbean Islands and South East Asia. This brings a growing number of Indian Diaspora to access to a world class Indian content and services, while local customized offers are able to leverage the visibility of the brand and its values.

In January 2012, Mercuri unveiled its new Signature which puts people at the heart of innovation. As part of our company’s vision"Conquer 2012 Project”, Mercuri will shortly introduce a new campaign to claim its position as every non- resident Indian’s connect to the motherland through various services from all over the world.

Mercuri uses  its internet enabled to offer a Private TV service.

Lava TV HD  operates within New York on a small scale and targets a niche of Caribbean  people interested in Caribbean media content.




Mercuri Sports Education – All about Winning

For the first time in the World a galaxy of Sporting Icons will virtually come together to impart knowledge & create & shape talent pool to transform India as the next Sporting Superpower…


The Icons will create quality content, train the trainers, translate their on-field practical experience for effective & efficient implementation at Schools, Clubs, Colleges, Sports Governing bodies, State Associations etc besides the Elite Centre’s of Excellence Globally. The mission is to provide a Platform to budding sporting talents and millions of sports lovers & fans in the world to access pure content that facilitates the playing and learning various sports. In association with our sister concern, Mercuri Talent, our platform will be a unique initiative that would churn “Raw Talent into Professional Excellence!” We also believe that by using the benefits of technology, we can enable Legends & Achievers share their expertise of the nuances of the game through this interactive platform.




In recent years, understanding of the value of music in education has changed. Parents, educators, and researchers now agree that music has values for children that extend considerably beyond the ability to learn to play an instrument or sing in the school chorus. Music education is now widely recognized for its impact on learning in other areas of the curriculum as well as for its contribution to a higher quality school or community-learning environment.

Our Media education division, in partnership with the best in the business, is creating programs and resources, which will enable schools and community organizations to unlock the potential of music and music technology across all disciplines. Our goal is to create curricula and provide support, training and innovative programs, setting a new standard for the role of music and music technology in K-12 education and redefining its place in the classroom. By defining best practices in technology enhanced music education through our unique interactive platform, we will affect positive change in schools, communities, and organizations.

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